Live Radio Advertising

How does it work?

Ask yourself, would you want to go into a battle with a gun you couldn’t aim? It sounds crazy and yet dealers do it everyday when they run spots for sales campaigns that don’t connect with their listening audience. Each “almost live” spot is tailored to attract a specific demographic in an affordable way. For the price of essentially one spot, you get a handful of unique spots that appeal to specific radio formats. Typically, a dealer using our method will run several different spots on multiple stations each day with personalized trivia for that station or market. “Lives” allow you to aim your bullets. It also cuts down on the “listener fatigue” that occurs when the same spot is heard over and over. Many times a message that was funny or clever in the beginning simply becomes annoying with too much repetitive listening.

Speaking of annoying, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that everyone over the age of 60 has had their “hype” vaccine. This is especially true of millennials. Too often when a dealer has had a less than stellar sales week, they panic and want to “goose” the ads with “more energy” which ends up being ad speak for what becomes a variation on the old “screaming car guy ad”. There is literally no bigger turn off to a millennial car buyer. By using the “almost live” approach, the temptation to fall into that trap is completely circumvented. You end up building a relationship with the buyer instead of yelling at them by accident.


Our live adds capture and MAINTAIN audiences attention. We also avoid any burnout by having different commercials every day!


Our adds can be made in bulk and therefore we offer them at a very affordable price!


Our adds are made to capture a variety of different demographics and audiences.
Antic started doing a variation of the “almost live” spots originally back in 1993 and since then we have done an estimated 75,000 of these spots. The results speak for themselves, we have been a part of taking two dealerships from two different brands (Chevy and Ford respectively) to a top 5 ranking in the country.

Our Customers

Here are just a few of our customers who have enjoyed the incredible success of our live radio advertising campaign.

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