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English Voiceover

At antic we offer quality recordings of some of the most experienced voice talents in the industry.

Spanish Voiceover

We have a wide variety of spanish voice talents with both specific and neutral accents.

Radio Advertising

Antic is one of the most prolific producers of radio commercials in the United States (and that is thanks to our results).

TV Advertising

Our team is fully equipped to assist you for all of your TV advertising needs.

Live Advertising

Take a quick look at the most effective advertising strategy we offer!


Our team is also equipped to aid you in all creative endeavors you might have.
Fourth of july sale

o’reilly chevrolet

During our first year consistently using our “live” adds with O’Rielly Chevrolet first year of  we helped increase the “up count” (their walk-in business) by 35%!

We have also succesfully used our “live” adds to increase O’Reilly’s success rate in a variety of different sales events and specials, like this Fourth of July sale!

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Spanish Voiceover
“Live” Radio Advertising

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